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Tying the (bow tie) knot

Nothing says sartorial sophistication like a well-executed bow tie.  At the same time both casual and elegant, the bow tie is a playful finishing touch for any gentleman about town. Today I’ve rounded... READ MORE

Every day is a picnic

This may be a little off-topic for a fashion blog, but what could be more au courant than lunch in the colorful splendor of summer? Chill the libations, pack lots of finger sandwiches... READ MORE

Summer break

At last, it’s that time of year. . . summer vacation! For 2016, we have quite the itinerary planned. Everything from road trips to time by the sea is on tap as we... READ MORE

Fashion vs style

At lunch last week a pair of colleagues were in deep debate over semantics. “So is her handbag in style or in fashion?” one asked. “Quite the same,” the other replied. “No, no,... READ MORE

Tilt your kilt

Two years ago this week the rugged country of Scotland did something remarkable. It legalized same-sex marriage. I rarely get all political, but I want to mark the occasion (and celebrate my own... READ MORE