For our friends who are dedicated to crafting a true vintage holiday, original retro ornaments are something of a holy grail. They have a certain look – a certain shimmer – that, our friends claim, make the holiday tableau complete.

From a more practical standpoint, these vintage ornaments are truly fantastic, but not always necessary. Finding authentic ornaments can be a time-consuming, costly and fake-filled quest. And there are dozens of quality ornament manufacturers who are making beautiful, sturdy and safe vintage-styled decorations.

For those of you intent on a truly vintage holiday spread, read on. Following are a few tips that may help make your search for vintage decorations a bit more merry.

Want outstanding vintage? Go for Shiny Brite. But buyer beware. No mid-century holiday would have been complete without these stunning name brand ornaments. When you close your eyes and think vintage glass decorations, you’re likely thinking of a Shiny Brite.

Just be careful on the secondary market. Shiny Brite is a brand, not a style or color. Unsavvy sellers may not know the difference, and what is sold as “Shiny Brite” may simply be “shiny glass.” Do your homework.

Ditto for Premier ornaments as well. Find a qualified dealer who will sell you a real, name brand ornament, not just a shiny look-alike.

Likewise, you can’t always tell an ornaments age or composition simply at first look. All shiny, iridescent ornaments are not mercury glass. Not all transparent bulbs are World War II vintage. Before you go shopping, do your research online. Depending on where you forage, you may find some diamonds in the rough or, more likely, clever imposters.

Ready to give modern interpretations a try? Following are a few excellent resources for quality, vintage-styled holiday ornaments.

Ruby Lane

The Vermont Country Store


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