When Black Friday shopping leaves you bereft of both cash and holiday cheer, a friendly Yule time get together is in order. Grab a few close friends, mix a few vintage drinks, wrap a few pigs in blankets and swap a few white elephants.

Here at the Vince Taj offices, we still have quite a bit of wrapping to do. . . so we’ll keep this one short. Check out the vintage-inspired holiday party ideas below. And above all, celebrate safely and responsibly this season!

Harper’s Bazaar takes you back to 1979 with several disco-era recipes for a swinging holiday season. Despite the unfortunate name Glögg is a tasty treat that shouldn’t be missed! more >

Bon Appétit knows how to throw a mean party. And their vintage-themed holiday shindig is no exception. As the host admits, the cocktails are the stars of the show, but the tasty appetizers don’t belong on the naughty list either. more >

Drink like your grandmother used to at Christmas this year. Taste of Home has a delicious assortment of vintage holiday punch potables, including several that we are dying to try. more >

The dedicated drinkers at MixThatDrink offer a dozen holiday classics to warm you during the cold winter months. Our favorite is the hot buttered rum, although the Santa Shot isn’t without its charms. more >

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