Last month we discussed how to rid yourself of unsuitable sartorial choices in 2019. If you’re committed to a brand new you, following are the two additional steps to gift yourself with a new fashion focus to carry you through the new year — in style.

Try something new. Style blogs are an excellent resource for unearthing the newest trends in contemporary fashion. Why not give one these a try?. Never tried a shiny evening coat or a quality vintage trench? Now’s your chance.

Do your homework and discover what’s on point for the new year.  Which looks do you like? Which are you not so keen on? Which catch your eye but leave you thinking, “I could never pull that off.”

This last group is what you should focus on. It’s a new year — a new you. Take a risk or two. Never dared to go metallic? With the 90s resurgence, shiny is in (again). So why not pick one fabulous, silver-sheened piece and make it a staple. Same goes for bright colors, pastels, wide-legged pants and cropped jackets. You’ll never know how good you can make them look until you try.

Get shopping (responsibly)! Have an idea of what you need and what you’re looking for? Time to hit the stores, but with a plan.

You already have you list of needs and wants. Now, set a clear budget and stick to it. A new style for 2019 doesn’t have to bankrupt you before the big ball drops.

Get creative with your shopping choices. The holiday season was ho-hum for retailers. For you this means better sales and more savvy choices earlier in the new year. The more you save, the more you can buy while still staying on budget.

Best of all, many of the trends (the 90s as noted above and the continuing love for vintage) offer outstanding opportunities for savings. Of course, you can invest $200 to $400 in a quality vintage-styled jacket by a current designer. Why not find the same look in true vintage? Your fave retro boutique may have them for $50 to $80. With a little extra time and effort, you may score a fantastic coat for less than $20 simply by thrifting.

Now, understand that change is rarely easy. But give yourself a little push towards an amazing 2019. We are here to help.

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