Choosing a New Year’s resolution can be a tricky thing. Is this the year you’re finally giving up a favorite vice? Or remembering which gym you belong to? Or learning French?

The best answer lies where good intentions intersect with useful results. What can you do that will positively impact your life while not being too high a mountain to scale (sorry, French. . .  maybe in 2020)?

The uninitiated may consider it superficial, but personal style is an excellent place to start. Changes on the outside can increase confidence and feelings of self worth. These, in turn, can lead to greater, tangible changes throughout the year.

Not sure where to begin? Here are three simple ways to bring your unique sartorial sense into focus for the new year.

Re-evaluate your wardrobe. So maybe you did hit the gym last year, and it’s starting to pay off. Or maybe you went from redhead to brunette (then blonde, then back to brunette). Whatever the changes in you, likely your wardrobe stayed the same. Personal style, for many, is more a result of inertia than innovation.

To kick off 2019, revisit each piece in your wardrobe for style, color, condition and fit. Your new hair color making you more of a winter than a summer? Hues in your wardrobe should reflect this evolution. Your favorite sweater may be a size or two too big. Your go-to jeans may need some seam work. And, please, just donate the Uggs to some worthwhile charity.

Create piles for keep, donate, gift to a friend or mend. Keep the well-maintained staples and fix or expunge the rest.

Now note the gaps you may need to fill in your current line up. Another popular trick: When you put everything back in the closet, hang the hangers backwards. As you wear pieces in 2019, turn the hanger(s) around. This time next year, whatever is still in your closet hanging backwards was never worn. These are pieces you can donate for 2020.

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