Tying the (bow tie) knot

Nothing says sartorial sophistication like a well-executed bow tie.  At the same time both casual and elegant, the bow tie is a playful finishing touch for any gentleman about town. Today I’ve rounded up a few world-class resources to help you tie the knot. A history of the bow tie […] Read More

Pinup of the Month: Tiffany Ohr

Proving a cat eye paired with a red lip never goes out of style, our March Pinup of the Month has a signature look and a flair for fashion that runs in the family. “I attribute my love of vintage fashion to my lovely and eccentric Nana, who was a […] Read More

Put on the kid gloves

Gloves are fashionable, functional and they make a statement – elegance meets sophistication and practicality. Most gloves today are simply for keeping warm, but a quality pair of vintage gloves can be so much more. When to wear gloves Gloves are appropriate for most times of day or evening. The […] Read More