The 12 Films of Christmas

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, I thought it would be a good time to offer my list of fave yule-time entertainment. So I’ve put a big, shiny bow on my 12 Days of Holiday Cheer, a special gift from me to you. Some of these are outright […] Read More

Liquid vintage holiday cheer

When Black Friday shopping leaves you bereft of both cash and holiday cheer, a friendly Yule time get together is in order. Grab a few close friends, mix a few vintage drinks, wrap a few pigs in blankets and swap a few white elephants. Here at the Vince Taj offices, […] Read More

Pinup of the Month: Brittany Schmeltzer

With cooler weather on the horizon, we wanted someone with natural warmth and a sunny style for our Pinup of the Month for November — the radiant Brittany Schmeltzer was a natural choice. A 26-year old vintage enthusiast from sun-drenched Florida, Brittany is sure to be found crafting, hunting down […] Read More

Deck the halls (and the tree)

For our friends who are dedicated to crafting a true vintage holiday, original retro ornaments are something of a holy grail. They have a certain look – a certain shimmer – that, our friends claim, make the holiday tableau complete. From a more practical standpoint, these vintage ornaments are truly […] Read More

Pinup of the Month - Blog Ria

Pinup of the Month: Ria Von Strudel

Don’t let the platinum blonde updo fool you. Our Pinup of the Month for September — the incandescent Miss Ria Von Strudel — is all smarts when it comes to vintage style. “My love of vintage really stems from my love of history,” she says. Growing up in a beautiful, […] Read More

One for the boys

Too often, men are left our of the style discussion. A shirt and a pair of pants are all many men feel they need to be properly dressed for the day. Lamentable. Today we want to lend the men a hand and offer a few choice online resources we’ve come […] Read More