New style for a new year, part two

Last month we discussed how to rid yourself of unsuitable sartorial choices in 2019. If you’re committed to a brand new you, following are the two additional steps to gift yourself with a new fashion focus to carry you through the new year — in style.

Pinup of the Month: Penelope Pink

Since nothing says Valentine’s Day like a vision in pink, we are thrilled to introduce Florida native Penelope Pink as our February Pinup of the Month! Born and raised in Orlando, Penelope grew up admiring the alluring artwork of pinup masters like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. Inspired by the […] Read More

New style for a new year, part one

Choosing a New Year’s resolution can be a tricky thing. Is this the year you’re finally giving up a favorite vice? Or remembering which gym you belong to? Or learning French? The best answer lies where good intentions intersect with useful results. What can you do that will positively impact […] Read More