Too often, men are left our of the style discussion. A shirt and a pair of pants are all many men feel they need to be properly dressed for the day. Lamentable. Today we want to lend the men a hand and offer a few choice online resources we’ve come to rely on when making our own sartorial decisions. Fellows, from fit to finish, these links will keep you looking sharp.

Style advice for the everyman. Fashion übersite FashionBeans covers your style needs from head to toe. The site’s Fashion101 section gives details on the basic (Style Tips and How to Dress for a Formal Event) and the not-so-basic (How to Avoid “Over-Branding”). Designers, accessories and grooming are all dissected with loving care, and the style on a budget threads are particularly useful. Looking for more?

The big guns. Want to go straight to the source? If you are a brand-conscious consumer, then head directly to Vogue Hommes, Esquire and GQ. There are fewer options for the thrifty, but the style sense can’t be beat. The theme is the best in cutting edge collections, timeless classics and exciting edge trends.

Crowdsourcing your fashion. Reddit can be an entertaining (and time sucking) wasteland of memes, bronies and inside jokes. There are, however, bright spots on the horizon and /MaleFashionAdvice/ is one. A well-meaning community of fellow fashion advocates, /MFA/ isn’t to be trusted 100% of the time. That being said, the crowd is supportive, vocal and well-intentioned. In fact, a few years back Reddit hosted a charming Q&A session (an AMA thread) with Tim Gunn. Try reading his responses in your head without using his voice. Impossible.

So what are your favorite male fashion meccas? Drop us a line and we’ll curate your responses for an upcoming post.

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