Gloves are fashionable, functional and they make a statement – elegance meets sophistication and practicality. Most gloves today are simply for keeping warm, but a quality pair of vintage gloves can be so much more.

When to wear gloves

Gloves are appropriate for most times of day or evening. The only exceptions are while eating, drinking, touching up makeup or shaking hands. When taking gloves off, immediately place them in your handbag. Gloves should never be left on a table.

If attending an informal event, gloves should be removed upon arriving and left with your coat. When putting gloves on, always remove rings. Bracelets, however, may be worn over your gloves.

Buying the right gloves

You have several options when purchasing gloves. They range from shorties (just to the wrist bone) to opera gloves (full length). In many cases, vintage gloves are measured in “buttons” (regardless of whether or not the gloves actually have buttons) – typically from 8 (shortest) to 22 (longest) buttons.

A simple rule for selecting a size matches your shoe size to your glove size. In some cases (for example you have larger hands), adjust as needed. Also, if you prefer longer nail styles, add an extra size to accommodate the additional length.

Caring for your gloves

If labels are present, follow their instruction guidelines closely. In most cases, gloves should be cleaned with gentle soap and left to air dry flat. Store your gloves wrapped in either cotton or silk. Storing gloves in plastic can encourage rot.

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