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Pinup of the Month: Brittany Schmeltzer

With cooler weather on the horizon, we wanted someone with natural warmth and a sunny style for our Pinup of the Month for November — the radiant Brittany Schmeltzer was a natural choice.

A 26-year old vintage enthusiast from sun-drenched Florida, Brittany is sure to be found crafting, hunting down that perfect timeless piece or enjoying time spent with her Fiancé and dearest friends.

“I am constantly creating and celebrating this wonderful thing called life,” she says. “I have been dressing in vintage for nearly eight years, and I find it truly liberating. I wish everyone the chance to express themselves in their most authentic fashion.”

An avowed fan of anything vintage, Brittany admits she does have a personal preference. “My favorite decade for fashion, music and movies would have to be the 1930s,” she confides. “But, I love experimenting with all eras!”

“I believe wearing and doing what you love is so important,” she adds. “Life is the occasion, darling. . . why not dress for it?”

Check out Brittany’s Instagram for the latest photos of her signature style. To see her in other stunning Vince Taj vintage looks throughout the month, be sure to follow Vince on Instagram.