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Pinup of the Month: Donna Lolis

Pinup of the Month - Donna Lolis Header

For many of the pin up girls we dress, vintage is more than just a style — it can also be a part of one’s personal heritage. Our July Pinup of the Month, Orlando-based Donna Lolis, notes that vintage is both a passion and a part of her culture’s past.

“Although I love wearing clothing from so many different eras,” she says, “I am always drawn to the bright colors and beautiful silhouettes found in my traditional Latino heritage.”

In fact, this love for bold hues and tropical prints is one more interest she may share with other pin ups. “In addition to the story telling and historical traditions that come with vintage clothing, pin up fashion is a way to showcase my love for the past while meeting others who may share this common bond,” she says.

“Best of all, we may all share a love for similar styles, but we each interpret that love in a unique way!”

Don’t forget to check out Donna’s personal Instagram account, as well as her theme-park themed account.

To see Donna in other amazing Vince Taj vintage looks throughout the month, be sure to follow Vince on Instagram. If you are a Florida-based or Florida-bound pin up artist, drop us a line — we are always looking for a fresh face!