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Pinup of the Month: Joanna Brown

Our Pinup of the Month for June, the undeniably singular Joanna Brown has a personal philosophy that has recently come into focus.

“Turning 30 last November, I feel I have officially come into my own and feel the most comfortable in my skin I ever have,” she says. “The beauty of clothing and dress give me the chance to empower other women as well. Any time I see a woman who is clearly expressing her individual style, I take the time to compliment her. The only way for women in our modern world to build strength and strive for gender equality is to come together and encourage each other in the face of insecurity.”

Although her point of view continues to evolve, Joanna’s love of vintage fashion is life-long. “When I was a teen, I loved to pour over Vogue magazines, staring at the clothing of the runways around the world,” Joanna says.

“I truly believe I have an old soul , and it shows in my love for clothing from the 1940s , 50s, 60s and into the 70s. One of the things that I really appreciate about vintage clothing is detail that went into making clothing then is something that is hard to find in modern clothing. Everything from the buttons to zippers and fabric patterns.”

So what makes for the perfect vintage look? “It’s easy,” she says. “Regardless of what others may think, I wear what makes me feel good! I take pride in my personal vintage clothing collection. So, I love to dress in what makes me feel comfortable, strong, confident and beautiful.”

Check out Joanna’s Instagram for the latest photos of her signature style. To see Joanna in other stunning Vince Taj vintage looks throughout the month, be sure to follow Vince on Instagram.