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Pinup of the Month: Larissa Morales

A long-time Vince Taj client who frequents our corner at The Lovely, Larissa Morales was a natural choice to be August’s Pinup of the Month. Her warm smile, outgoing nature and love of vintage fashion add a little extra sunshine to the summer month.

“Basics aren’t really in my vocabulary,” she notes. “I find them more boring than classic. Why not dive into vintage vaults and mix the old with the modern to create something unique — something more me?”

After a second though, she took her idea a step further. “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone just naturally dressed in whatever decade they liked? How great would it be to be able to stroll out in a Victorian, Tudor, 50s or even Elizabethan outfit without anyone really batting an eye?”

While Larissa is absolutely obsessed with vintage, her other passions include video games, comics, anime and art.

Check out Larissa’s Instagram for the latest photos of her signature style. To see Larissa in other stunning Vince Taj vintage looks throughout the month, be sure to follow Vince on Instagram. If you are a Florida-based or Florida-bound pin up artist, drop us a line — we are always looking for a fresh face!