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Pinup of the Month: Lilabelle Quaintrelle

For our Pinup of the Month for May, embodying old school Hollywood glamour (most definitely spelled with an o-U-r) has always been her singular focus. Well, maybe her second focus.

“Actually, I wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel since I was barely old enough to wear a bra,” says Lilabelle Quaintrelle. “I always said they needed a ginger angel. Alas, I’m 3 inches too short to even begin to qualify.”

With her trademark red hair and beauty mark, Lilabelle instead realized a perfect fit in the parallel words of pinup modelling and vintage burlesque. “The Dangerous Dame,” as she is known in certain circles, is now a well-known beauty on Florida’s Gulf Coast, lauded for her range of classic looks and exotic vintage flair.

She’s the first to note, however, that the look is just one part of her mission. “One of the things I love most about both pinup and burlesque is the power these endeavors bring to women,” she says. “Everywhere I look, I see other women simply killing it. How amazing is that?”

That success, she explains, is just the start. “From business to body positivity, each of us has the opportunity to support other women. . . there is more than enough room for each of us to succeed.

Check out Lilabelle’s Instagram for the latest photos of her signature style or search one of her favorite hashtags, #womenempoweringwomen. To see Lilabelle in other stunning Vince Taj vintage looks throughout the month, be sure to follow Vince on Instagram.