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Pinup of the Month: Paige Lavoie

For our inaugural Pinup of the Month, we went straight to the best. Author and vintage connoisseur Paige Lavoie is a true original — and one of our fave pinup gals! Her first two novels — Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl and A Girl Called Monster — are tales of girls who feel they are on the outside looking in. In new friendships, new experiences and, yes, even new clothes, they discover their inner strengths.

And vintage clothing, Paige says, is just one more piece to the puzzle. “I love storytelling, so it makes sense that I’ve also fallen in love with vintage. Each piece has its own story, and it’s fun imagining who it might have belonged to in the past.”

Her current project is a mid-century house that she and her husband are reimagining into the perfect space to create, entertain and enjoy. Check out Paige’s Instagram for the latest photos of her décor, fashion and DIY projects. You can also visit Paige on the web or check out her amazing books on Amazon.

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