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Pinup of the Month: The Bone Queen

For so many of our customers, vintage fashion is a way to express a unique point of view. For our March Pinup of the Month, vintage clothing is both a creative outlet and a source of self-confidence.

“Growing up I never felt as if I fit in,” says Trisha (“T” to her friends and TheBoneQueen to the world online). “I struggled with my clothing identity because I never found a style that made me feel confident. When I was 15 or so, I discover that vintage fashion was something people still wore. . . I became obsessed.”

Trisha credits her grandmother for sparking her interest in early styles. A former interior designer, T’s grandmother had filled her house with eclectic touches such as purple paisley wallpaper paired with bright green cabinets. The real magic, Trisha recalls, was in her grandmother’s closet.

“Sadly, she never really saved her old clothes,” she says. “She did, however, have boxes and boxes of old photos dating back as far as the 1940s. Almost every time I visited, I would find myself sitting on the floor of the closet admiring the stacks of pictures and making up the stories behind them. Now, wearing a vintage treasure brings back that excitement of just being a kid again.”

As an adult, Trisha has nurtured her passion for vintage clothing, and it has connected her with others around the world. “The best part about vintage is its ability to bring people from vastly different backgrounds together,” she says. “Anytime I meet someone with the same passion, I feel an immediate connection with them.”

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