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Pinup of the Month: Tiffany Ohr

Proving a cat eye paired with a red lip never goes out of style, our March Pinup of the Month has a signature look and a flair for fashion that runs in the family.

“I attribute my love of vintage fashion to my lovely and eccentric Nana, who was a model by trade in NYC,” says Tiffany Ohr. “She never left the house in a pair of pants or without her signature French twist.

“As a child, I loved going through her closet and ogling her ornate sequin gowns and exquisite jewelry pieces. And she had lovingly hand-picked each piece at antique shops.”

Her Nana’s style rubbed off on a young Tiffany, and she has carried this passion into adulthood. Today, Tiffany and her husband run a fashion blog and a vintage-centric Instagram feed, where they showcase vintage clothing and local boutiques.

“The best thing about retro style is the immaculate sense of polish,” she says. “Everything is so perfectly put together. A fantastic 60’s dress isn’t just a confidence booster, it’s an instant conversation starter.”

To see Tiffany in other amazing Vince Taj vintage looks throughout the month, be sure to follow Vince on Instagram!